Getting to Grips with Corporate Responsibility

A new approach to corporate responsibility training

Getting to Grips with Corporate Responsibility is a series of online training courses that has been put together by two of the most experienced figures in corporate responsibility. Toby Webb of Stakeholder Intelligence (and Ethical Corporation) and Mallen Baker of Daisywheel Interactive (and Business Respect) share between them over 25 years of working with companies and their CR teams to achieve real change.

Courses for companies and individuals

More and more companies are moving their training online. Why? Because online video and other forms of online learning are effective, with high quality training able to be provided at a much lower cost than other forms. It is a format as useful to the company looking to roll out a solution to scale as it is to individual executives looking to further their own career.

Individual courses

Individual courses

Our introductory course on corporate responsibility is the most comprehensive introduction to the different facets of the subject available online, and an excellent introduction for anyone wanting to become fluent with the different issues and business practices within CR.

We also have a growing pool of more focused courses, covering areas such as:

  • CR communications and reporting
  • Materiality and risk
  • Supply chain
  • Community involvement
Bespoke courses

Bespoke courses

We can provide effective online training that will cover the roll out of your ethics, anti-bribery and corruption, values and / or corporate responsibility programmes.

Want to provide support to suppliers to carry out business according to your values? Want all your people to understand what to do when faced with the demand for a bribe? Want to inspire your people to take part in a community programme?

We can help.

Hear from our clients

“As someone new to CR, this course demonstrated the strategic importance of corporate responsibility. Mallen Baker and Toby Webb provided strong case studies and insights into current trends and practices in corporate responsibility around the world.”

Heather Agnew, Manager
Corporate Citizenship, Bank of Canada

"This course is already helping me to do my job more effectively. Great case studies and insights into current trends and practices.”

Rachele Dino, Corporate responsibility executive

“This course is a kind of encyclopedia on CSR. Between the lectures and the large number of useful links, Toby and Mallen have covered everything. I highly recommend the course for anyone needing a complete overview on the subject matter – they leave nothing out.”

Maureen Kline, Public affairs and Sustainability
Pirelli Tire, NAFTA Region

"As a new member to the CR community the class has been incredibly helpful in fleshing out my understanding of the core CR concepts. Toby and Mallen’s variety of experiences lead to a very complete look at the world of corporate responsibility.”

Michael Chinchar
Corporate Responsibility Specialist